Sponsorship Spectacular!

Our Sponsorship Spectacular has launched! If you are part of a Kidz Klub team (which everyone should join!), you will know the details, but to refresh everyone’s memories, here they are:

Your mission is to ask as many people as possible to give at least £10 a month to Kidz Klub. This amount covers all costs of one child attending Kidz Klub weekly, including all equipment, prizes, and transport (to the Central Klub).

Your reward will be generations of Coventry children whose lives are changed – priceless!! But to make this even more exciting, a generous supporter has donated prizes specifically for this Spectacular:
– The first team to sign up 5 regular givers of at least £10 a month gets a £50 restaurant voucher!
– The first person to sign up 10 givers of at least £10 a month gets a £50 cash prize

Kidz Klub set a goal of doubling the number of  Coventry children that we reach to 600 by 2018 (we’re currently on 380!). To do this, we need many more committed givers who understand our cause and will be there to support the children month in, month out.

(We do get grants from charitable trusts too, but they may prefer funding specific or new projects – it’s increasingly the committed individual givers who will sustain the running of Klubs, making a long-term impact.)

I am a shy person and don’t know how to ask my friends to give…
Fear not! We do understand that this is new to some of you. We’ve got some training in the works for the September retreat, when our fundraiser Chernise will share her top tips. It’s a team effort too, so make sure you encourage and learn off each other!

What if my friends can only afford to give say £3 or £5 a month?
We do know that not everyone has billionaire friends (but if you do – ask them!!). But you can still be in with a chance of winning, because the Spectacular is cumulative – if you have people signing up for under £10 a month, it accumulates until you can count them as one gift of at least £10 a month! E.g. 3 friends signing up to give £3, £2 and £5 a month counts as one regular giver.

Can I sponsor another Kidz Klub team member?
Yes – and it will count, as long as this is a new gift of at least £10 a month!

Check out how your team is doing! Sponsorship numbers are updated by Chernise each week.

Sponsorship bar chart

Cheylesmore 1 – clearly the team to beat!


PS. And if you’d just like to make a one-off gift to Kidz Klub Coventry instead:

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